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Adult Therapy

I provide a safe and confidential space where feelings such as depression, anger, stress and anxiety can be expressed and explored and, in time, resolved. Emotional states arising from experiences such as abuse, neglect, loss, lack of bonding, conflict or difficulties of any kind can be understood while working toward healing, and the ability to live each day without old burdens or inner stress. It is imperative that you control the pace of this work so that it is right for you.

This process of allowing space for inner experience can enable you to strengthen trust in your own inner guidance and bring a new perspective. I believe that it is through self-understanding and recognition of our feelings, without judgement, that change can occur. Although this may at times be difficult, through understanding our inner world we can develop a more compassionate relationship with ourselves and therefore also with others.

My approach to counselling is person-centred so I can work therapeutically based on the individual that you are.


I see clients face to face and I am at present based in Elgin. However, I can cover other areas in Moray and Aberdeenshire. I work with a flexible approach to adapt to your commitments and lifestyle, so I also provide counselling via telephone or online.

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