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Childrens Therapy

There may be many reasons that a child or young person may benefit from seeing a counsellor, they may be struggling with anxiety, depression, bereavement or generally feeling overwhelmed.

It can be hard for them to open up this is where I can offer a safe and confidential space for them to explore their feelings. I build trust by entering the child or young person’s world through creative play and various techniques that best fit the child. I have completed additional training to work with children and young people alongside the experience I hold of over 15 years working with children, young people and vulnerable adults that covers various conditions which will also link to feelings of low self-esteem, challenging behaviours and anxieties.

I feel that it is the therapeutic relationship that is at the heart of psychotherapy. Creating a bond of trust and engagement with the child or young person offers a non-judgmental and empathetic person-centred approach to each child. Some of the techniques I can use are below but I do adapt my approach according to each child or young person’s needs and interests.

  • Creative play

  • Puppets

  • Drawing

  • Gaming

  • Virtual / Medieval

  • Drama / Dance

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